Welcome to the PMI Upstate New York Chapter

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The PMI Upstate New York Chapter is a forum promoting the principles of the PMI through networking with other project managers, sharing project experiences, providing and receiving training and supporting Project Management leaders in their certification efforts.

UNY-PMI membership is comprised of about 500+ professionals from dozens of companies and a wide variety of industries. The diversity of the UNY Chapter provides an environment for learning about all aspects of project management and networking across industries.

We meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month (September through November and January through May) at The Desmond Hotel in Colonie (see directions). Meetings are open to both members and guests - if you are joining us as a guest, information regarding membership benefits can be found on our How to Join page. For a sample of what monthly meetings are, visit our events page.

Also, by attending the monthly chapter meetings, attendees have the opportunity to earn 1 PDU towards maintaining their PMP Certification.

 PMI Upstate NY NewsLetter

“From Blossom to Barrel” PMI UNY October 2014 Special Event!

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 PMI-UNY Special Events Committee is pleased to announce our first special event of the 2014/2015 UNY PMI Year!

From Blossom to Barrel

 Nine Pin Cider Works
929 Broadway
Albany, NY 12207
October 28, 2014
6:00pm – 9:00pm
$30/per person* (UNY PMI board members may apply their discount)

PDU Credit: 1

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PMI UNY Volunteers

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Volunteers play a key role in making the chapter programs a great success. 


Please visit our PMI UNY committees’ page to explore various ways to get involved. 


Please click on the following link to view the PMI UNY Organization Structure


PMI UNY Organization Structure


If you are interested in the program director opportunities, please visit the following page to apply: PMI UNY Program Director Positions 


Please contact our Program Director for Volunteers, Sandy Costanzo, PMP for more information on volunteer opportunities and associated PDUs.

PMI UNY Program Director Positions

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PMI UNY is currently looking to fill several open Program Director positions with the chapter. The terms for these openings are June 1, 2014 through May 31, 2015.


This is an excellent opportunity for current chapter members to contribute to the local Project Management community and earn valuable PDUs.


Eligibility, Responsibilities, & PDUs 

Program Directors will receive 10 PDUs for serving in the Position. The Program Director positions currenty open are as follows: 


1)         Program Director for PDD Administration

2)         Program Director for PDD Publicity

3)         Program Director for PDD Registrations

4)         Program Director for Revenue


All current PMI UNY members are eligible to apply for these appointed Program Director positions. The benefits and the position descriptions for these open positions are attached.


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November 2014 Dinner Meeting

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November 2014 Dinner Meeting  

Accelerated Leadership: Agile and OODA

 This presentation explains the basic principles of the Observe, Orient, Decide, Act (OODA) concept, draws parallels with Agile development techniques, and suggests implications for portfolio and project management. The OODA cycle, since its development by US Air Force Colonel John Boyd in the context of military analysis and strategy development, has been applied in a variety of business and competitive arenas. Likewise, Agile and Scrum application development techniques have proliferated within IT organizations, providing a valued alternative to more formal waterfall based methods.

 OODA concepts capture important assessment and decision-making principles that provide competitive advantage. Agile techniques likewise can create competitive advantage: developing production ready systems more quickly, bring products to market ahead of competitors, and allow practitioners to regularly assess and respond to rapidly changing circumstances.

 Both OODA and Agile accept uncertainty and unknown final requirements as a starting point, and assume the need for independent action, adaptation, and continual assessment as integral components of decision (and development) processes. Both conceptions transition through multiple iterations, and define progressive transformation of the system or situation under development. Both conceptual frameworks are designed for higher rates of change and repetitive decision cycles. In OODA, this reflects the reality of a fluid, dynamic, and chaotic competitive environment. An Agile development approach suggests inherent value in getting to production ready software as quickly as possible, allowing more immediate feedback as system users and owners assess the reality of working software.

 The similarities of OODA and Agile techniques such as scrum commend Agile as better suited for rapid and continuous change, providing a practical framework for continuous improvement.

 Presenter:  Jeff Nuding, PMP

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